Workshop on a Southern Gamma-Ray Observatory

University of San Martin

University of San Martin

Michael DuVernois (University of Wisconsin--Madison) , Miguel Mostafa (Penn State) , Segev BenZvi (o=rochester,ou=Institutions,dc=icecube,dc=wisc,dc=edu)
This workshop follows the previous editions in Rochester, NY and Puebla, Mexico to move the community forward with the design of a new wide field-of-view TeV observatory in the Southern Hemisphere. This workshop, hosted by the International Center for Advanced Studies (ICAS) of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), will be the first one not attached to a HAWC collaboration meeting.
The main objective of the workshop is to finalize the white paper on the Southern Observatory, and define the key requirements for the site selection. We would also like to define a steering committee to conduct the site selection, and start organizing the future collaboration. While in Argentina, we will also visit the proposed sites in Salta.
There will be no registration fee. Our host, ICAS, will provide lunch on Tuesday December 12, and the coffee breaks. We need you to register before November 11 so we can organize the logistics. It is also very important that you indicate in the registration whether you intend to visit the sites in Salta. (Please note that you are responsible for your internal airline ticket from/to Buenos Aires to/from Salta, the hotel in Salta, and the transportation to the site which will cost approximately U$S60/person.)
The workshop is supported by ICAS-UNSAM and the Argentine Ministry of Science and Technology (MinCyT).
  • Adrian C. Rovero
  • Aion Viana
  • Alberto Supanitsky
  • Andreas Reisenegger
  • Andrew Smith
  • Brenda Dingus
  • Fabian Schüssler
  • Gastón Barboza
  • Harm Schoorlemmer
  • Mateo Fernandez Alonso
  • Mauricio suarez-duran
  • Michael Punch
  • Michael Schneider
  • Miguel Mostafa
  • Nahee Park
  • Patricia Maria Hansen
  • Ronald Cintra Shellard
  • Ruben Lopez-Coto
  • Sergio Dasso
  • Thomas Weisgarber
  • Tomás Codina