8-10 May 2017
Discovery Building
US/Central timezone

Search for point-like sources in the astrophysical muon neutrino flux with IceCube

8 May 2017, 17:30
Forum (Discovery Building)


Discovery Building

330 N. Orchard Street, Madison, WI 53706
Neutrino Astronomy - Convenor: Gisela Anton, FAU / ECAP Neutrino Astronomy


Mr René Reimann (RWTH Aachen)


Using a sample of neutrino-induced muon track events, IceCube has confirmed the high-energy diffuse astrophysical neutrinos flux, first found in a sample of high energy starting events. In order to identify the sources of this diffuse flux, these muon-neutrino events are ideal because of their excellent angular resolution. Here we present a search for point-like neutrino sources based on the same sample that was used to measure the diffuse high-energy astrophysical muon-neutrino flux with a livetime of seven years. This high purity sample is restricted to the Northern hemisphere and consists of ~425000 events with a median angular resolution of ~1° at 1 TeV that decreases to ~0.3° at 1 PeV. In this analysis an unbinned likelihood maximization is used that is optimized for point-like neutrino emission with the same characteristics as the diffuse muon neutrino flux. The sensitivity improves for sources with an $E^{-2}$ spectrum by 30% compared to previous analysis and is at a level of $E^2\partial \phi/\partial E = 3\cdot 10^{-13}\, \mathrm{TeV} \, \mathrm{cm}^{-2} \, \mathrm{s}^{-1}$ . We report about the status of this search and present an analysis searching for a population of neutrino sources, which are too weak to be significant individually.

Primary author

Mr René Reimann (RWTH Aachen)

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