19-28 August 2019
Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh timezone
Shared Challenges in Neutrino Observatories and Beam-experiments
The 3rd installment of Viet Nus will take place at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) in Qui Nhơn, Vietnam. It continues the tradition of a topical workshop that focuses on solving technical and systematic problems from a diverse array of neutrino experiments. The title of this year's workshop is "Shared challenges in neutrino observatories and beam-experiments". The goal is to find synergies between accelerator neutrino experiments and high-energy natural sources, i.e. atmospheric and astrophysical neutrinos. There are many common physics measurements to be made in the next decade, including determining the neutrino mass ordering and CP-violating phase. At the same time, both fields face similar technical challenges: neutrino flux and cross-section uncertainties, particle identification and reconstruction, and complex statistical methodologies. This workshop is designed to encourage interaction across neutrino communities, and aims to bring diverse group of people together in a beautiful setting in order to solve these shared problems.
Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Qui Nhơn

Qui Nhon is a coastal town in central Vietnam. It is about one hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City and one and a half hour from Hanoi. Qui Nhon has had a university for more than 50 years with 30,000 students with many majoring in science. The origins of the town stretch back to the 11th century Cham civilization, whose vestiges can be visited. The region is rich in historical remains. The present town was officially founded over 100 years ago.

The ICISE is located a few kilometers away from the city center. It provides a unique and beautiful environment to promote dialogue and idea interchange.