4-6 May 2015
Union South
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Signatures of dark matter sterile neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae

5 May 2015, 14:23
Northwoods, 3rd Floor (Union South)

Northwoods, 3rd Floor

Union South

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Dark Matter (Theory / Experiment) Dark Matter


MacKenzie Warren (University of Notre Dame)


The nature of dark matter and the explosion mechanism of core-collapse supernovae may both be explained by the presence of a sterile neutrino. Observations of galaxies and galaxy clusters are indicative of a $\sim$keV mass sterile neutrino. Oscillations between an electron neutrino and a sterile neutrino in the $\sim$keV mass range may provide an efficient energy transport mechanism between the proto-neutron star and stalled shock wave. We have performed simulations of core-collapse supernovae for a range of sterile neutrino masses and mixing angles that are consistent with dark matter. We have found that, for many choices of mass and mixing angle, the presence of a sterile neutrino is sufficient to enhance the neutrino reheating and result in a successful explosion.

Primary author

MacKenzie Warren (University of Notre Dame)


Prof. Grant Mathews (University of Notre Dame) Dr Jun Hidaka (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Dr Matthew Meixner (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Toshitaka Kajino (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)

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