19-21 September 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
CET timezone

Useful Information

Access to the CERN wifi

There is WIFI access in all of CERN, both inside and outside, including the hostel. In order to access the CERN wifi, you must register your device. You can register your laptop or mobile device and connect to the CERN network on a temporary basis for up to four weeks. Registering the computer and all network interfaces you intend to use (e.g., Ethernet, wire-less) is mandatory at CERN. Only registered computers will get network access.


You complete the Web form at: Visitor Computer registration As contact person please use one of those:

  • Teresa Montaruli (teresa.montaruli@cern.ch) Dept. PH-UGC
  • Sofia Vallecorsa (sofia.vallecorsa@cern.ch) Dept. PH-UAT



Your CERN contact person receives the request for approval.

Note: by approving the request, your CERN contact person assumes responsibility for you to follow CERN's computer security rules.

CERN reserves the right to reject registration requests.



You will receive confirmation that your CERN contact person has (dis)/approved the request.

Make sure that up-to-date antivirus software with live updates and applicable security patches are installed on your computer.

To prevent virus propagation, network access will be blocked for computers found infected or vulnerable.

Bank and ATM

There is a UBS bank in the Main Building (Building 500 - open hours: 8:30 to 16:30) and there are ATMs (24/7) both in the Main Building and in the restaurant 2 (Building 504).

CERN Exhibitions

CERN offers visitors the opportunity to explore at one's own pace two permanent exhibitions:

"Universe of Particles" is the exhibition installed in the Globe of Science and Innovation. Dedicated to CERN main missions it allows to explore the world of particles by immersing the visitor in a unique and spectacular ambiance.

"Microcosm" is close to CERN reception. This exhibition offers a discovery of CERN adventure.

More info at Visit CERN



Map of restaurants in the French side

Map of restaurants in the Swiss side

For a list of restaurants on the CERN area visit with comments from TripAdvisor see here