24-25 September 2011
US/Central timezone


There are two pre-booked hotels for people coming specifically for the MANTS
meeting on Sep 24 - Sep 25.

Note: To use the booking codes below you need to call or e-mail the hotels. The
codes do NOT work on their online booking systems. Also, when contacting the
hotels, be sure to mention the codes. Otherwise the hotels might report being
fully booked.

Hotel Uppsala
Booking number: 088909
Telephone: +46 (0)18 480 50 00

Hotel Svava
Booking nr: 68464 or "MANTS2011"
Telephone: +46 (0)18 13 00 30

There is a block booking for these hotels from Thursday, September 23 to Monday,
September 26. Reservations must be made before August 17. After this date
the rooms will be released for anyone to book.