5-9 June 2023
US/Central timezone

The 2023 IceCube Summer School, formerly known as Bootcamp, will be held at 222 W Washington Ave in Madison, WI from June 5-9, 2023.

The Summer School will be held in-person with an option for remote participation. 

A Slack channel will be used for information and questions before, during and after the meeting. Please join the channel: #2023-summer-school-q-and-a

The Timetable will serve as the comprehensive meeting schedule.

222 W Washington Ave Madison, WI 53703

Before you come to Summer School:

Here are a few things to help you get started before you arrive in Madison for the Summer School.

  1. Make a GitHub account
  2. Log on to the jupyterhub instance (https://jupyterhub.icecube.wisc.edu/)
  3. Go through the computing and python tutorials (if you need a python introduction/refresher)


1. Making a GitHub

If you don't already have a GitHub account, we ask you to make one. IceCube uses GitHub to host our code repositories, and to help with reproducibility of analyses performed.

  • Navigate to https://github.com/
  • Click "sign up" and make an account
  • To be added to the IceCube organization on GitHub and download and see IceCube internal software, IceCube requires you to have your full name (or first initial and full last name) listed and your institution listed in the "Company" field.

We will have a tutorial for how to use Git for those unfamiliar, but please complete these steps to get started.


2. Jupyterhub

We will be using jupyterhub to run IceCube software. Please point a web browser to https://jupyterhub.icecube.wisc.edu/ and login with your LDAP credentials to get started. If this does not work, feel free to send the organizers an email or post any questions on Slack.

NOTE: we recognize this software setup will not allow users to run Steamshovel to visualize events. Because of some changes with newer laptops, we could not find a solution that would allow everyone to run steamshovel this year. If you would like to try running steamshovel with one of the previous Summer Bootcamp virtual machines, follow the mac tutorial or windows tutorial. The motivation behind the virtual machine is similar to that of jupyterhub, as it allows us to ensure that all bootcamp attendees are using the same software, which makes our week smoother. It will create a virtual computer running Ubuntu (a Linux operating system). We recognize the barrier is much higher for running a VM than for using jupyterhub, which is why we are advocating the use of jupyterhub for the majority of the 2023 Summer School program. We do not expect the VM to work for everyone, and we especially know that users with the new Apple M1 Macs will not be able to use the VM.

The latest version of the bootcamp VM can be found here: https://convey.icecube.wisc.edu/data/user/icecube-bootcamp/bootcamp2019/virtualbox_vm/


3. Python tutorials

Previous years of Summer School (formerly called Bootcamp) have created a short introduction to computing and python. If this is your first time coding, we recommend you pass through the tutorial. To learn more about python you can look for online classes, codecademy has a free class on Python here: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python. Also, if you have any questions or problems, Google and Stack Exchange can be good resources for solving coding problems. The links for the tutorial are below:

If you would like to download the notebooks used to create the tutorials, you can download them here: https://icecube.wisc.edu/~icecube-bootcamp/bootcamp2020/introduction/. To use the notebooks open them using Jupyter Notebook.