18-19 October 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

The Zoom room is: https://wipac-science.zoom.us/j/94046114090

Two-day topical workshop to take place after the 2021 fall collaboration meeting.

Monday will focus on re-standardizing the feature in clSim and PPC:

  • PPC and clSim have started to significantly diverge in terms of features, with PPC supporting the newest ice models while clSim offers a number of features relevant to support simulation production
  • PPC and clSim feature and code summaries
  • Photon propagator changes for new ice model features (anisotropy, tilt, hole ice, cable shadow...)
  • Maintainers and reviewing proceedures

Tuesday is reserved to discuss Upgrade/Gen2 related topics, in particular to ensure that development in PPC and clSim evolve along similar concepts:

  • Segmented photocathodes
  • Elongated module designs (LOM / WOM)
  • Wavelength sampling for all modules from DOM to WOM
  • Detailed OM simulation in simulation production (ie. with OptiX or a Geant interface)
  • Ice model changes (scattering function, tilt, layers)
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