4-6 May 2015
Union South
US/Central timezone

Recent results from MINERvA

5 May 2015, 14:00
WI Idea (Union South)

WI Idea

Union South

1308 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706
Accelerator-Based Neutrino Physics Accelerator-Based Neutrino


Cheryl Patrick (Northwestern University)


Fermilab's MINERvA experiment is designed to make precision measurements of muon neutrino scattering cross sections on a variety of nuclear targets. Its 1-20 GeV energy range (which has since been increased for our current data-taking) should be of particular interest to PINGU. After introducing the MINERvA detector, I will describe several recently-published results that are already being used by the neutrino community to improve their modeling of neutrino interactions. There will also be a chance to look at interesting analyses that will be published in the coming months, and at the plans for MINERvA's longer-term future.

Primary author

Cheryl Patrick (Northwestern University)

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