13-15 May 2013
Union South
US/Central timezone

Results from the T2K long baseline neutrino experiment

13 May 2013, 14:25
Landmark - 3rd Level

Landmark - 3rd Level

Accelerator-Based Neutrino Physics Parallel Accelerator-Based Neutrino Physics I


Mr Casey Bojechko (University of Victoria)


Recent measurements of a non-zero $\theta_{13}$ are very exciting, since the results provide an opportunity to study CP violation with neutrinos. One of these results comes from the Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) long-baseline neutrino-oscillation experiment. The experiment is designed to search for $\nu_e$ appearance ($\theta_{13}$) and to precisely measure $\nu_{\mu}$ disappearance ($\Delta m^2_{23}$, $\theta_{23}$) by sampling an off-axis, high purity, muon neutrino beam. The neutrinos are detected 295km from production by the Super Kamiokande (SK) detector. A near detector 280m from the production target measures the unoscillated beam to improve the precision of the oscillation measurements. In this talk I will present up to date physics results from T2K, focusing on the $\nu_e$ appearance and $\nu_{\mu}$ disappearance measurements.

Primary author

Mr Casey Bojechko (University of Victoria)

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