28-29 October 2011
University of Wisconsin Pyle Center
US/Central timezone

Searches for Cosmic Ray Electron Anisotropies with the Fermi Large Area Telescope

29 Oct 2011, 09:00
309 (University of Wisconsin Pyle Center)


University of Wisconsin Pyle Center

702 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706-1487


Dr Vlasios Vasileiou (Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier)


The Large Area Telescope on board the Fermi satellite detected more than 1.6 million cosmic-ray electrons/positrons with energies above 60 GeV during its first year of operation. The arrival directions of these events were searched for anisotropies of angular scales from ~10deg up to 90deg, and of minimum energy extending from 60GeV up to 480GeV. Two independent techniques were used to search for anisotropies, both resulting in no detections. Upper limits on the anisotropy level for different energy ranges and angular scales were set. The analysis methods and the implications of the upper limits on the existence of nearby CRE sources and on some classes of dark matter models will be discussed.

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