28-29 October 2011
University of Wisconsin Pyle Center
US/Central timezone

The cosmic ray anisotropy measured by the ARGO-YBJ experiment and the status of the LHASSO project

28 Oct 2011, 09:30
309 (University of Wisconsin Pyle Center)


University of Wisconsin Pyle Center

702 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706-1487


Dr Songzhan Chen (Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP))


The ARGO-YBJ experiment is located at Yang Ba Jing (P.R. China), at 4300 m a.s.l. and atmospheric depth of 606 g/cm^2. It is an air shower detector array with a fully covered layer of Resistive Plate Chambers. It is designed to detect EAS in the primary energy range between few hundred GeV and a few PeV. It has been continuously operated with a duty cycle above 86% since November 2007 observing about 4x10^11 air showers. With such unprecedented statistics, it is very suitable for the study of anisotropy. Here we will report its result for cosmic ray anisotropy. The LHASSO project is designed for greatly boost the capability of current YBJ observatory with a large complex air shower detector array in an area of 1km^2. Hybrid detection with multi-techniques will allow a good discrimination between different types of primary particles. Here we will report its status and future capabilities for the anisotropy studies.

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