8-10 September 2021
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CMB spectral distortions from Antarctica with COSMO: performance forecast

8 Sep 2021, 11:00


Dr Lorenzo Mele (Sapienza University of Rome)


COSMO (COSmic Monopole Observer) is a ground based differential Fourier transform spectrometer, to be operated at Dome-C, Antarctica, which aims at measuring the isotropic y-distortion of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).
The current upper-limit on $y$ is dated back to 1990 by COBE-FIRAS to $|y|<1.5 \cdot 10^{-5}$.
COSMO will measure the absolute brightness of the sky in the 120-280GHz range in comparison with a reference blackbody calibrator and will monitor and remove the atmospheric emission, with its fluctuations, by performing extremely fast sky dips while scanning the interferogram.
We assess the performance of the instrument via ILC-based simulations: input multi-frequency maps, deprived of the atmospheric contribution after the procedure, include CMB anisotropy, thermal dust as the main Galactic foreground, and the isotropic y-distortion as $y=1.77 \cdot 10^{-6}$. The ILC machinery returns the Comptonization parameter as $y=(1.82\pm0.31)\cdot 10^{-6}$ when a noise realization, limited by the photon noise from the atmosphere and the cryostat window emission, is included.

Primary author

Dr Lorenzo Mele (Sapienza University of Rome)


Elia Stefano Battistelli (Sapienza, University of Rome) Paolo de Bernardis (Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Università di Roma) Prof. Marco Bersanelli (Università degli studi di Milano) Dr Fabio Columbro (Sapienza University of Rome) Dr Gabriele Coppi (Università di Milano Bicocca) Dr Alessandro Coppolecchia (Sapienza University of Rome) Dr Giuseppe D'Alessandro (Sapienza University of Rome) Prof. Marco De Petris (Sapienza University of Rome) Dr Cristian Franceschet (Università degli studi di Milano) Prof. Massimo Gervasi (Università di Milano Bicocca) Dr Luca Lamagna (Sapienza University of Rome) Mr Andrea Limonta (Università di Milano Bicocca) Ms Elenia Manzan (Università degli studi di Milano) Ms Elisabetta Marchitelli (Sapienza University of Rome) Prof. Silvia Masi (Sapienza University, Rome Italy) Prof. Aniello Mennella (Università degli studi di Milano) Dr Federico Nati (Università di Milano Bicocca) Dr Alessandro Paiella (Sapienza University of Rome) Dr Giorgio Pettinari (Istituto di fotonica e nanotecnologie - CNR) Prof. Francesco Piacentini (Sapienza University of Rome) Prof. Lucio Piccirillo (School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Manchester) Prof. Giampaolo Pisano (Sapienza University of Rome) Dr Sabrina Realini (Università degli studi di Milano) Prof. Carole Tucker (Cardiff University) Prof. Mario Zannoni (Università di Milano Bicocca)

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