9-14 October 2017
Guadalajara, Mexico
Mexico/General timezone
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Heliospheric Tail Models

Presented by Dr. Klaus SCHERER on 12 Oct 2017 from 14:05 to 14:50
Type: Invited Talk
Session: Session IX


In the tail direction of the heliosphere an anisotropy in the cosmic ray flux is observed by the large area telescopes. These ansiotropy is partly explained by the modulation of cosmic rays in the tail region. But, most of the modeling of the large scale heliosphere is concentrated on the nose direction, because there are the in situ observations of the Voayger spacecraft available. The heliospheric tail physics is only sparsely addressed in literature. I will give an overview of heliospheric tail models and will discuss their observability as well as their theoretical advances and shortcomings. I will also shortly address astrospheres around hot stars and their possible influence on comsic ray modulation.


Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Address: Hotel Krystal Urban Guadalajara Av. López Cotilla No. 2077 Col. Arcos Vallarta Guadalajara, Jalisco, 44130

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